Email - The new and effective customer service

Email - The new and effective customer service

Do you remember those days when the only way to communicate with someone was either personally or by phone? It actually does not seem so long ago does it? Where has time gone? Times have changed and they have changed rapidly. Now you can communicate via email, instant messaging (IM), voice over IP (VOIP), video conferencing, web chat and the list goes on. All this really happened in the last three years or so.

Every year there is a new technology that gives us a simpler or better way of communicating with friends, family and business relations. This constant communication change enables us to keep in touch with our contacts over the Internet. Now, we do not need to write letters or pay huge long distance bills to call our relatives living in another county or even in another country. We can simply jump on our computer and start IMing them almost instantly, hence the term Instant Message.

So how does this affect business and even more importantly, for my article, customer service?

Well, ten years ago, it was only possible to do business either on the phone or in person. And in terms of customer service, it was only possible to offer support and answer customer inquiries through phone calls or personal letters. In today's internet world things have changed. Now companies offer customer service via email in response to support inquiries and customer requests. These companies, which have converted from phone support to email support, have enabled their businesses to reduce costs, reduce resources, and provide immediate return on investment.

Now you may ask yourself, does it stop answering support and service requests? The answer to this is sometimes yes. I'm not saying you can not pick up your phone or have a free number for your customers to contact your customer support. I'm just saying that over 75% of Internet users would rather send an email, wait 24 to 48 hours for an answer, then call by phone and wait for ten minutes to contact a customer service representative for your company.

Email is the chosen way of communicating and will continue in the coming years. So my point in this article is to emphasize the importance ahead, to implement a good, reliable, and cost effective customer service and support system for your company. An Hassle Free Email Ticketing Support System can make it very easy for your customer service representatives to respond to requests and support requests, while reducing the amount of resources needed to respond to these requests. An online chat program may not be a bad idea, either as many companies start offering chat sales and support directly on their website, as it offers their clients almost an immediate response to their question. And the big part about chats is that your customer can continue to do what they do on their computer while waiting for the chat response.

To summarize this, the business is predictable in the sense that email becomes more integrated with customer support and support. Implementing an email system for your customer service department will be a win-win situation for your businesses and most importantly, your customers and customers. Large customer service with an average product is ten times better than a good product with mediocre customer service. Then analyze your business and determine how an email system can be used to increase and expand your customer service.

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